Tires & Tubes



Exceptionally nimble and easy running. The center tread is asymmetrically designed to match the wheel camber angle of indoor wheelchairs.  Choose size:


Price Per Tire $75.00

IRC Exaracer Pro 27″ Tire

This  27″ competition model mixes silica into the tread compound for a keen balance of grip and rolling resistance. Even with its slick tread pattern, is a popular model. Ideal for tennis and basketball competition chairs.

*Uses antibacterial rubber

Price Per Tire $85.00

American Valve Wheelchair Tubes

Need replacement Tubes? Please Choose the correct size.

Price: $5.00

Primo Tires

Primo V-Track/Racer tires are a great choice for your everyday or sport needs at a reasonable price.  Please choose size:

Price Per Tire $19.00

Kenda Tires

Kenda makes an excelent tire for sports or everyday use.  Please choose size and color:

Price Per Tire $20.00

Shox Tires (Airless)

Tired of getting flat tires?  Try Shox everyday airless tires.  Please choose size and color:

Price Per Tire $59.00

Knobby Tires

This is a great choice for the off road enthusiasts.  Please choose size:

Price per Tire $55.00