Mission: Our mission is to produce a product that is customized to fit each and every one’s life style and need. We strive to provide a custom lightweight individually tailored wheelchair with the objective of the product allowing the end user to live the life they want, rather than the one their wheelchair may limit them to. We are not just a wheelchair manufacturer, but wheelchairs built around an active disabled individual, by active disabled individuals!!

Lightweight hand built in the USA, PER4MAX wheelchairs are the #1 choice for many of the worlds elite athletes! Whether it be on the court or day to day, let PER4MAX help you to achieve a level you never thought possible!

Products: Manufacturer of Ultra-light Manual Wheelchairs. Such as: The Shockwave (Suspension), The Skye (L Frame model), The Thunder B-Ball (Sports), and The Thunder Adjustable! Each chair is measured and hand built by our knowledgeable staff, combined experience of upwards of 50 years!